About the Shop: Puffed Sleeves

Puffed Sleeves is a stationery shop on Etsy.com created by me, Tamisha Anthony, in hopes to encourage people to make connections with others who also understand the magic of life’s little extras.  Email’s existence does not dilute the special feeling connected to opening your mailbox and receiving a hand-written letter.

Some may wonder why I chose the named Puffed Sleeves for my shop, especially since the shop has nothing to do with clothing. Well, it all goes back to one of my favorite characters by the name of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables.  Anne adored and desired puffed sleeves, yet this wish was considered unnecessary by her caretaker who could not imagine what a little bit of the “unnecessary” could do for delighting one’s spirit.  I too delight in life’s little pleasures and want to encourage others too as well.  Living in New York City, I find that people often forget about life’s little pleasures and do not make as great an effort for building meaningful connections with other people.  Anne Shirley treasured connecting with people and delighted in the small pleasures of life.  Learning to incorporate these two things in our lives, I believe, would give us more moments of bliss.

Puffed Sleeves will one day be a physical shop that sells stationery, books and also be a place for people to take a break from their busy schedule to have tea and dessert and connect with people who are dear to them.


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