Teatime and Jazz

I think my love for letters, cards, and packages was passed down from my mom, who commonly sends me cards, and the most wonderful care packages.  Yesterday in the mail, I received the cutest card from her with a bit of cash suggesting that I treat myself to a cupcake.  Within 5 minutes I had wrapped myself in coat and scarf to crunch through the snow and get myself a yummy cupcake.  Which was very much needed!  I found out yesterday that I purchased the wrong paper for printing my cards.  It may delay my shop from opening a couple weeks, but hey, it happens.

On the way to pick up my cupcake I took pictures of my neighborhood.  Not many people were outside.  I think they used the snow as an excuse to stay snuggled inside.  I walked over to Tonnie’s Minis and bought one of their cheesecake cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  This cupcake was amazing!  So deliciously rich.  It was nice to have my own little teatime with Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background while reading a good book.


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