Please do not Touch: Work in Progress

My friend Evie created this sign that says “Please do not Touch, Work in Progress” for a work-related project in the library (where I also work).  Connected to a conversation we had just completed, it was amusing to imagine the sign was actually made to carry around on person.  A label for our current state.   So I had to have my friend to pose with the sign as she proudly does below.  I like to think of myself as a “Work in Progress.”  It gives me room to wiggle and grow.

One “Work in Progress” I’m happy to say that has made some headway is my stationary for Puffed Sleeves.  My postcards and cards are printed now!  I just need to photograph them for Etsy and decide on packaging, and then my shop will be up and ready for business!  Finally… :).

Here are some photos related to “Works in Progress” with all inclusive bumps, pauses, scheduled construction, and massive leaps that encompasses growth.


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