Sweet Ends, Weekend

Yesterday I learned that two dear teatime friends are moving away from New York in only a few weeks.  This is one of the last teatimes we will have together.  This group was formed towards the end of our thesis year (last March) as we battled to earn our MFA.  We would break for teatime in order to stop staring at the computer and thinking about our artwork for a while.  At teatime we could laugh and recharge our minds and prepare for another 4 or 5 hours (or more) of work on our projects.  We have been a great emotional support system for each other, even when looking for jobs after graduating or dealing with situations at our new jobs.  The news was not so easy to digest.  I will miss them much.

My friend Darren prepared three amazing desserts for us to devour (he is an amazing baker!).  We also gathered to celebrate Yinghsu’s 25th birthday!

After adapting to the sad news we played cards, ate dessert, drank tea… and laughed and teased each other as we always do.  I look forward for teatime reunions in the future.


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