Sir Puffsalot

Sir Puffsalot is technically a Unicorn, a regular ol’ all powerful unicorn.

But, then again he isn’t.  In the Place Where Unicorns Live, Sir Puffsalot isn’t considered great, god-like, and beautiful because he is puffy.  But, Sir Puffsalot can see beauty in the Defective Unicorns.  He sees the potential they have in being abnormal. They are special.

Regular Unicorns are all powerful but can only focus their attention on one problem at a time.  So, Sir Puffsalot focuses his attention on the Defective Unicorns.  The Defective Uniorns don’t really need magic to help and heal and uphold Earthly beings.  They need help believing in their special talents, and this is when Sir Puffsalot uses his magical powers.

As for his day job, Sir Puffsalot has the most joyous job of all.  He flies people around as a hot air balloon and makes them smile.



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