Princess Prisma

In the Place Where Unicorns Live, Princess Prisma was royalty.  But, she was not born a regular unicorn.  Embarrassed, her parents would paint her rainbow horn with the shiniest gold paint they could find.  Living this lie made Princess Prisma a ball of anxiety.  She was almost relieved when she was asked to perform greater magic and she failed…

Now on earth, she sells rainbow popsicles for a living.  But, she is still a nervous wreck.  She is so nervous that she eats more popsicles than she sells.  She has to call her parents for gold to support her stay on Earth.  On the upside, the Defective Unicorns can use the extra gold to fund their mission!  But don’t worry, Princess Prisma’s noblest act on earth is not simply having access to nobility. Her anxiety-driven, ruminating thoughts allow her to solve the most detailed and genius villainous schemes.  Princess Prisma is the Visionary.



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