Viscountess Vertonia

While leaving the Place Where Unicorns Live, Viscountess Vertonia dreamed of being a beautiful carousel horse.  But, it turns out that she wasn’t “magical” enough to compete with carousel creatures either.  So instead, she spent every day (and some nights) attached to a Kiddie Ride.  There weren’t many children excited about kiddie rides anymore (and thank goodness because it made her dizzy).  Viscountess Vertonia used her lack of popularity and relevance to blend in on busy city streets and have stakeouts.  The Viscountess gathered facts about criminals and delivered them to Princess Prisma to decipher.  But, they couldn’t hang out together in public too much.  Turns out the combination of a kiddie ride and popsicles attracted a lot more children (which kindof ruins a stakeout).

Unicorn_Kiddie Ride


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