Tamisha Anthony is the illustrator and designer of Xo Puffed Sleeeves. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Visual Arts from Rice University and her Master’s Degree in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Tamisha currently works as a freelancer in NYC for various clients. She sells her paper goods and products on Etsy, at Brooklyn Flea and other fairs in the city.  Xo Puffed Sleeves is a shop for those who cherish connections with kindred spirits, understand the magic of life’s little extras, and maintain a childlike wonder.

Some may wonder why the name Xo Puffed Sleeves. Well, the name is connected to one of Tamisha’s favorite childhood books Anne of Green Gables and the character Anne Shirley, who loved puffed sleeves.  Tamisha values Anne Shirley’s perspective on life and personality: she treasured connecting with people, delighted in the small pleasures of life and had a huge imagination.

When Tamisha isn’t doodling, you can find her enthusiastically and joyfully teaching and performing Jazz and Swing dance around NYC .  Tamisha loves drinking tea, eating anything sweet and singing sweet jazz standards.