Mother’s day

New mother’s day cards up in the shop!


Baby Minty

I created this set of pictures for my adorable two-month old niece, Araminta aka Minty (and for her parents, my brother Philip and his wife Carla). I wanted my niece to have something special from me nearby since I can’t see her very often.

In my immediate family, we have animal nicknames. For example my nickname is Bunny. These pictures are of Araminta as a little Fox with different family members as animals.These images were difficult to make because I wanted them to be perfect. I’m glad that her parents love them… and hopefully little Minty does too!


Mama Butterfly_rgb

Mama Kitten_rgb

Papa Bear_rgb


Happy Birthday from the Forest Animals

I’ve never done a TBT before so why not today! Here is an illustration I created a couple years ago. Birthday parties are about the same for animals as they are for us ;) — some animals are invited, some sneak in, and some stand in the background wishing they were there (poor bear).

woodland birthday_new color copy

A Wedding Portrait

I’m working on another pet portrait! This project is a twist on what I’m usually asked to do. It’s a wedding portrait for a beautiful couple and their adorable cat. The kitty probably won’t be able to attend the actual wedding, so he is attending in the portrait!


I just want to be where you are

Whether you have a long distance relationship, a loved one who doesn’t live nearby, or you just like being around your special someone, this card is for you!

I want to be

I love drawing Portraits

It has been such a joy to work on this pet portrait.  It was delightful to draw the kitties and a pleasure to work with the client.  I’ve come to realize just how much I adore working on these portraits.  It allows me to peek into the personalities and lives of people (and pets) through my imagination.  It makes me feel more connected to people around me.  And since I live in NYC, this feeling is a nice change

Two Kitties_rgb

Pet Portrait – Custom Orders!

Looking for birthday or anniversary gift ideas? I now have two types of Custom Pet Portraits (or Custom Family Portraits) available to order on my Etsy store! Stick with a traditional portrait or jump into my imagination with a conceptual portrait. Check them out here: