Pet portrait

Created this pet portrait postcard for commission for someone who lost their family pup. My client came up with the creative idea and I was happy to exexute it. #petportrait #illustration #dog #postcard


Happy Birthday from the Forest Animals

I’ve never done a TBT before so why not today! Here is an illustration I created a couple years ago. Birthday parties are about the same for animals as they are for us ;) — some animals are invited, some sneak in, and some stand in the background wishing they were there (poor bear).

woodland birthday_new color copy

Happy First day of Summer

It was such a joy to work on this pet portrait. It was my time drawing dogs for a Pet Portrait commission (yay!). And I was elated that my client chose the most whimsical drawing proposal I sent to her. Happy First day of summer! I hope that you sit in a field of flowers today too :).

Flower field 2_rgb

Pet Portrait – Custom Orders!

Looking for birthday or anniversary gift ideas? I now have two types of Custom Pet Portraits (or Custom Family Portraits) available to order on my Etsy store! Stick with a traditional portrait or jump into my imagination with a conceptual portrait. Check them out here: