Pet portraits

A portrait is twice as nice when drawn with your pet by your side… or on your head…or even around your neck. 😋#petportraits #portraits #illustration


I just want to be where you are

Whether you have a long distance relationship, a loved one who doesn’t live nearby, or you just like being around your special someone, this card is for you!

I want to be

I love drawing Portraits

It has been such a joy to work on this pet portrait.  It was delightful to draw the kitties and a pleasure to work with the client.  I’ve come to realize just how much I adore working on these portraits.  It allows me to peek into the personalities and lives of people (and pets) through my imagination.  It makes me feel more connected to people around me.  And since I live in NYC, this feeling is a nice change

Two Kitties_rgb

Pet Portrait – Custom Orders!

Looking for birthday or anniversary gift ideas? I now have two types of Custom Pet Portraits (or Custom Family Portraits) available to order on my Etsy store! Stick with a traditional portrait or jump into my imagination with a conceptual portrait. Check them out here: