Pet portrait

Created this pet portrait postcard for commission for someone who lost their family pup. My client came up with the creative idea and I was happy to exexute it. #petportrait #illustration #dog #postcard


In Progress: New York Fantasies

New York Fantasies (pictured below) cut to the heart of every New Yorker chasing their dreams.  Just as the girls are lifted above their atmosphere, it seems while living in the city you have a feeling of wanting to do better and be better and catch every opportunity you possibly can.  And within these moments of racing about the city, you sometimes catch wind and feel like you are floating or hovering above the people around you.  Maybe just a bit.  And maybe for just a moment.

New York Fantasies will be a postcard set.  I won’t print these for the first set of stationary designs for Puffed Sleeves, but I wanted to share them any way.  I need to rework the last postcard before finalizing anything for printing.