Never too Early!

Make this the year you actually send out Christmas and Holiday cards! My holiday cards will be on the Xo, Puffed Sleeves shop soon, but if you would like to purchase an assortment of cards or box sets send me an email: There are 8 new designs this year!


100 Designs

It’s been 5 years since I’ve graduated with my Masters. Almost 7 years of living in New York. And almost 1 year since I quit my full time job to pursue the life of an artist. By far, it hasn’t all been peachy. But I can absolutely say, it has been beautiful. And I have gained wisdom. Yesterday, I discovered that I have exactly 100 Puffed Sleeves greeting card designs. So before I add to my card designs with new thank you cards in August, I want to say Thanks to all my family, friends and Puffed Sleeves supporters. <3  Here’s to 100 more!

100 designs

Spring cards

Working on some new cards! A few Spring and Swing (dance) cards. They will be available the 3rd weekend in April at Brooklyn Swing (the 15th), Swing Remix (the 16th), and Greenpointers Market (the 17th). Looking forward to vending for an entire weekend! I’ll post the swing dance card drawings tomorrow but here are the other cards for now!



I love drawing Portraits

It has been such a joy to work on this pet portrait.  It was delightful to draw the kitties and a pleasure to work with the client.  I’ve come to realize just how much I adore working on these portraits.  It allows me to peek into the personalities and lives of people (and pets) through my imagination.  It makes me feel more connected to people around me.  And since I live in NYC, this feeling is a nice change

Two Kitties_rgb

Pet Portrait – Custom Orders!

Looking for birthday or anniversary gift ideas? I now have two types of Custom Pet Portraits (or Custom Family Portraits) available to order on my Etsy store! Stick with a traditional portrait or jump into my imagination with a conceptual portrait. Check them out here:


Red Riding Hooooood

It’s been such a fun process to work on these three pieces. I’ve been tediously tweaking subtle details, and I love the end result! :)

The Red Riding Hood prints will be sold in my Etsy shop in just a few weeks. There will be limited prints and all three will be sold together as a set.